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Gogo Adventure

1 01-My name is Gogo
2 02-What's his name ?
3 03-She's my mother
4 04-What's this
5 05-Is that a tiger
6 06-What colour is this
7 07-What are they
8 08-How old are you
9 09-How many are they
10 10-What's the time
11 11-What do you like
12 12-Do you like sausages
13 13-Revision
14 14-Have you got a ruler
15 15-Let's eat
16 16-I can swim
17 17-You are big
18 18-We are hungry
19 19-She's got a towel
20 20-I want a jumper
21 21-Where is Gogo
22 22-What's she doing
23 23-What are we doing
24 24-We're building a tree house
25 25-Where are you going
26 26-Revision
27 27-May I have a blanket
28 28-Whose dress is this
29 29-That's a big dinosaur
30 30-How much is that robot
31 31-I want to go to the moon
32 32-The yellow kite is hers
33 33-When is your birthday
34 34-Show me your tickets.
35 35-I want some cards, please
36 36-May I make some soup.
37 37-This camel moves quickly